Posted by: ExperienceKosovoBlog | September 17, 2009

The Peja Street Fair – Stay the Weekend – Experience Peja

Come to the Peja Tourist Street Fair – Sept 26th, Noon-7 pm

The USAID KPEP program, in collaboration with the Pejë/Peć Municipality is organizing the “Stay the Weekend – Experience Peja” Tourist Street Fair on Saturday, September 26th from noon to 7:00 pm at the Pejë/Peć Central Square across from Hotel Dukagjini.  Over 50 businesses and organizations will present what Pejë/Peć and the region have to offer tourists and residents – food, drinks, tours and activities, arts and crafts, music and dance. Visitors can also book tours for experiencing on September 27th which corresponds to the World Tourism Day.

The Peja Tourist Street Fair will present four groups of tourism-related activities, products and services: Food and Beverages, Handicrafts (including traditional clothing), Tours and Activities, Music and Dance performances (on a central stage). Each group will be in a separate “pavilion” or area with a central area for demonstrations in the central square of Pejë/Peć. Each area’s exhibitors will be selling and demonstrating their products and services.

Peja street fair


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