Posted by: ExperienceKosovoBlog | November 12, 2009

Pristina’s Best Qebaptores

Pristina’s Best Qebaptores

Prishtina Best QebaptoresAs much as we might hate to admit it, everyone of us regularly gets that yearning for a plate of those meaty bundles of joy most of the region refers to as qebapa.
And trust me, I don’t blame you. Every street in Pristina seems to have its own tiny qebaptores wafting out glorious smells.

Think of it this way – as pizza is to Italy, qebapa is to Kosovo. Now narrowing down the top five qebaptores was no walk in the park. But with surveys, discussions and straight-up qebapa testing, my dining partners and I were able to come up with the following list of Pristina’s finest qebaptores. Get ready to rip apart a complementary samun (round bread) as you run to the following eateries for a taste of what they’ve got. – Click on the picture for more details


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