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Natural Walk – Easy Level Trekking (Dec. 19th)


(Click for pdf version –Natural Walk – Easy Level Trekking)

The city of Peja/Pec offers several historical, natural, cultural, and traditional sites / attractions. The natural park of Rugova region (part of Accursed Mountains) is located only 2km away from city, or exactly in a marvellous, beautiful Rugova Valley. This Valley is divided in two parts by River of Lumbardhi (56km long). Rugova Valley as attractive resource offers good possibilities of performing different mountain activities: exploring caves, rock climbing, enjoying weekend escorted by grill with friends, trekking, hiking, educational excursion, skiing and ski tours with snowshoes, learning local culture and tradition. One of the best that you will enjoy during this tour is easy level trekking.

Date: December 19th, 2009

Min. / max. size group: 6 / 15 people

Price: 30 euro per person(including transport from Peja/Pec to the Valley, with lunch and an experienced guide). If the target group is reached, the 11th person gets a free package

For travellers coming from Prishtina and way back 45 euro (the meeting place will be at hotel Grand, a driver will be waiting for you at 08.15 am)

Difficulty level: Very easy, takes maximum of 4h and 30min.

Please confirm no later than December 19th to:

Syzana Baja, Tel: 039 432-352; Mobile: 044/348-831;049/390-589





  1. This is a great tour….I invite everyone to join.


  2. True…this tour was wonderful check it out:

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