Posted by: ExperienceKosovoBlog | December 17, 2009

Three day tour – Hiking in Brod and Sharri Mountain, Dec.23rd – 25th

Highlights (click for full package Intours & Travel Winter Hiking):

Watching the wilderness Brodi Mountains and Gorge
Brodi Village unique experiences
Hiking experiences, Brodi Gorge and Mountain
Visit to the Village family
Wild goat watching
Picnic lunch at the heights of 2100 meters
Visit to the Village of Zaplluxha Hiking at Zaplluxha Mountain

Minimum 6 persons
Price with transport including two overnight and 3 days ………. €270
Price without Transport, including two oversights and 3 days… €199
Alternative: Returning and staying for an additional Festive Evening and night at Hotel Arxhena on 25.12.2009.
Additional Festive Evening, accommodation and dinner included €60

Instructions: For the ones who want to hike on the snow, it is neccesary to have apropriate clothing and snowshoe boots.

Price included: Transport according to the Itinerary,English speaking guide, breakfast, lunch, and enough hot mountain tea with honey

For bookings please contact:                                                                              Intours & Travel: Eleonora Çeku – Kryeziu
TPD Consulting LLC, Dardania, Mustafa Venhari, Nr. 10, Prishtina – Kosova
Tel/fax: + 381 (0) 38 552 103 ; Mobile : + 377 44 500 325
Email: ; ;


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