Posted by: ExperienceKosovoBlog | February 12, 2010

Hiking Adventures in Kosovo

About Hikingnjeri

Hikingnjeri is a group of Kosovo mountain lovers from Pristina, created in April 2005. Since then, Hikingnjeri has visited more than 40 hiking/trekking spots in Kosovo. The group aims to visit most of the beautiful mountains in the region and also promote hiking/trekking culture to mountain and nature lovers in Kosovo. In the near future, this group will found an association that will also try to promote the beauties of our country, mostly unknown for the big part of Kosovo population. Join HikingNjeri, and discover your motherland’s outstanding and mysterious nature!

Hikingnjeri did the following hikes during its existence: Adventures in Oshljak Mountain, Hayla in Rugova, Luboten mountain, Jazhince, Mylyshefc, Lichenat, Brod, Hasans peak, Piribreg, Koritnik, Lumbardh, Bistra, Zalli Rupes, Korab, Mirusha, Brezovica mountains and Shterpce Lake in Sharr.

For more information please contact:



Location: Rr. Rifat Berisha 17, Prishtina, Kosova


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