Posted by: ExperienceKosovo | August 17, 2010

Wine Tourism Kosovo – Aug 17, 2010

A vision for 2012:

Wine Tourism Destination Rahovec Region

The Rahovec Region just started its mission to become Kosovo’s Wine Tourism Destination.  Kosovo has a long tradition in viticulture. With its special scenic features and the variety of wineries – ranging from small family wineries to large enterprises like Stone Castle – the region of Rahovec has the potential to become a   wine tourism destination.

Even the longest journey starts with the first step. This first step was taken by a kick-off-workshop in Rahovec organized by the USAID Kosovo Private Enterprise Program and moderated by international wine tourism expert Elmar Kunz from Germany who has been consultant in Kosovo’s tourism sector for 6 years. More than 20 participants – including Rahovec Municipality, the Ministry of Trade and Industry (Department of Tourism), wineries – expressed not only the significance of this project but also their commitment.

The potential for related products is huge, as Elmar Kunz pointed out in his “Vision for Rahovec Region 2012: wine festivals and wine events, programs like wine & dine, wine & hike, wine & bike, guided tours to wineries, vineyards and wine cellars, theme hotels based on the topic wine. The list could be continued…there is no lack of ideas, but rather the question on who is to take the initiative. This is why a “task force wine tourism” has been established to follow-up on concrete actions and measures to implement the strategy for wine tourism.

Kosovo might not (yet) compete with excellent quality of Californian, Italian, French or German wines, but it certainly has the means and assets to create a wine tourism product which is different, offering a unique experience and excellent value-for-money.

The first step has been done, and the “Vision for Rahovec Region 2012” is more and more likely to take shape. Watch out for Kosovo’s latest…. wine tourism in Rahovec Region!

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  1. Great to see things are moving forward, a really precious initiative, congratulation… will have a look there during my next trip to Western Balkans… Cheers from Germany:-)

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