Posted by: ExperienceKosovo | August 26, 2010

Anibar International Animation Festival, August 27-30, 2010

Anibar International Animation Festival is a film festival devoted to animated movies, its intent is to familiarize the people from Kosovo with the latest global trends of animation.

Anibar 2010 is the first edition of this festival and the first of its kind in Kosovo, it is organized by the Anibar group and will be held from the 27th to the 30st of August in Peja, Kosovo.

Our mission is to screen the international and regional film to the Kosovo Audience.

During the Anibar 2010 festival a series of workshops will be held, which will help youth and students of movie and multimedia to sharpen their skills in the field of animation, while creating space for young animators and different artists to express their talent and display their work.

The competing movies will be screened in Peja’s local cinema, Kino “Jusuf Gervalla”, and the workshops will be held in the youth center “ZOOM”.

The priority if the Anibar 2010 is the exchange of knowledge between local and foreign animators. We will achieve these results, with workshops and debates, which will be held by experts of the field of animation, and by this offering students and different people interested in animation the necessary knowledge of the basic concept of animation, the working process and the global animation network, with these workshops and debates we aim to reach the imagination and creativity of the participants

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