About Us

The USAID Kosovo Private Enterprise Program, recognizing the potential of tourism sector in Kosovo to generate economic growth, create more jobs and sales, has undertaken several initiatives to assist local tourism providers to reach out to the wide international community living and working in Kosovo in order to present their tourism products and offers.

We created the Experience Kosovo Blog, where everyone can search for different tour activities in Kosovo and check out offers from experience providers. We encourage you to give your comments and visit the blog regularly for updates.

For more information please visit www.usaidkpep.org



  1. I’d like to order a copy of “Veshje tradicionale shqiptare në Kosovë”. Many thanks!

    • Hi,

      Would you like to order the book (catalog) or real clothes?

      Experience Kosovo Blog

  2. kindly send us details about the international festival on animation, august 2010.
    we are interested to attend.

    • Dear Abdulazeez,

      Please contact these guys for more details:
      Rron Bajri
      +386 (0)49 661 973
      Kosovo, Peja 30010, Emrush Myftari 117

      We only do the promotion directly here.

      Experience Kosovo Blog

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