Highlight of the month

SweetBean / American Coffeehouse

Plan to visit Peja/Pec? There is something new to visit in town, an American Coffeehouse that offers you a sweet taste every time you go there.

SweetBean Says:

At SweetBean we don’t just create financial value; we also aim to create social value. We call this social entrepreneurship.

SweetBean is home to URA (Udheheqja Rinore ne Akcion/Youth Leadership in Action), a paid internship and training program for young people in Kosovo with the goal of bridging the gap between academic learning and practical work experience. Every six months SweetBean employs a handful of promising high school and university students who have an interest in business “to take over” the coffeehouse. They hear from local financial, legal and administrative experts. They plan and execute marketing, events, and product line. They analyze market research, profit margin, and customer demographics. And at the end of the semester, they decide how to use a portion of the profit generated.

Order information

To place an order, you may phone 044-508-875. No deliveries at this time.

Please indicate quantity on line provided

JUMBO COOKIES:__peanut butter__chokolate chunk__lemon sugar__oatmeal chocolate

JUMBO MUFFINS:__bluebery__choco banana__whole grain__triple chocolate

SWEET BREADS:__strawbery__ choco banana__cinnamon swirl__carrot zucchini

BAR COOKIES:    __cookie truffles__peanut butter cups__”Butterfingers”__”Oreo” sandwiches

CINAMON ROLLS:_plain (no icing)__cream cheese icing


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